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Beat your friends in a joust while you try to keep your balance on top of your unicycle! Compete in the ridiculous jousting tournament your mother never let you have. You can now practice your unicycle and lancing skills without fear of your video becoming viral, or breaking any bones for that matter. All claims of unfair game are completely unfounded, all competition is balanced and everyone must behave with good sportsmanship.

Unfair Jousting Fair is a 2D videogame about jousting, but with unicycles. Two players try to keep their balance on a unicycle while they fight a medieval joust with unbalanced and random weapons.


• Quick clashes atop unicycles as you never imagined, with impossible controls
• Many characters and weapons that you can't choose
• Procedurally generated backgrounds that have no effect on the game
• Handcrafted 2D graphics
• Awesome soundtrack from Madcap


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