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Bugmon Defense' is a iPad/iPhone/iPod/Android game created by "Valcon". It has been available internationally on both apple store and google play for free since its v.2.060 release on Dec 3 2015. Bugmon Defense is a strategy defense game where players can construct expand one's base camp, unlock successively more powerful animal squad and alien troops, play 432 stages of defense mission, raid and pillage resources from other base camps and much more.

Bugmon Defense is the first defense game to support PVP and moving control. Build player's team using killer heroes like the rapid gunner Ro-ckaa4and the impregnable shield Toughtle, and then upgrade them to improve their skill to make them even more deadly. These heroes will slay the Bugmon and protect your base, so deploy them wisely. You aren’t alone in this fight either. Ally with players from around the world and get help from their units, or battle other players and plunder their resources. Each mission completed will bring more knowledge about the Bugmon race, and the knowledge you obtain will provide you with countless Bugmon army patterns and DNA to spawn your own Bugmon army. When they see their own turn on them, they’ll never know what hit ‘em.


  • Supports PVP and Moving Control
  • Choose From Defense and PVP Modes
  • 432 Challenging Stages to Beat!
  • Make Allies or Battle and Plunder Other Players
  • Play in HD! 2D Animated Graphics and Characters
  • Amazing Movie Quality Sound Effects and Music
  • Buy Upgrades to Improve Squads




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