Artist Song Other games
A1 People Evel Knievel
Albrecht Kunze Monochrom Juno
Amon Tobin Mission
Atlas Plug Get Rolled On Rallisport Challenge 2
Atlas Plug Halfway Till Bliss
Atlas Plug Rule The World
Atlas Plug The Ace, The Only Project Gotham Racing 3
Celldweller Afraid This Time (Instrumental)
Celldweller Fadeaway (Instrumental)
Celldweller Frozen (Instrumental)
Celldweller So Sorry To Say
Celldweller The Last Firstborn
Curve Get Me Through This
Curve In Disguise
Daniel Lenz Scarey Cherry
Daniel Lenz To The Line
Deadly Avenger Wild Chillies
DJ Krush ft. Sunja Lee Gokurakucho Ron (a.k.a. Paradise Bird Theory)*
Hybrid ft. Peter Hook Higher Than A Skyscraper
Hybrid ft. Peter Hook Higher Than A Skyscraper (Hybrid Twitch & Sweat Remix)
Julian Beeston Internal Intrigue
Kinky The Headphonist (Gil Vocal)
Korn+Flake TV Wanna Be
OmTheory Bad Em
OmTheory Lost Relevancy
OmTheory Slickster
The Drawbacks Yes For An Answer
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