Dead Rising 2

Artist Song Other games For
Celldweller Kill The Sound Credits
Celldweller Switchback Roger and Reed Project Gotham Racing 3
Celldweller I Believe You Seymour
Celldweller Narrow Escape Ted and Snowflake
Celldweller Eon Brandon
Celldweller Own Little World Chef Antoine
Blue Stahli Scrape Sgt. Boykin
Blue Stahli Shiny Randy
Patricia Drake Amore Bibi, also plays during the Overtime Credits)
Keiji Inafune Terror is Reality Leon, lyrical version plays in the Overtime Credits)
Keiji Inafune Metal Theme Trailer
Keiji Inafune Mascot Brent
Keiji Inafune Postman Carl
Keiji Inafune Club Dance Amber and Crystal
Keiji Inafune Militia Men Hunters
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