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Dragon's Prophet is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by Taiwanese developer Runewaker Entertainment. It launched in September of 2013 and is free-to-play and is funded with real money purchases. Closure of the NA servers was announced in October of 2015 and was expected to take place November 16th 2015.

Combat is action-baased with players using the mouse for attack combos and targeting. Players could tame dragons early in the game and level them as they played. The dragons would also serve as mounts when players were out of combat. The game also features a cross-server Frontier PVP system. Player's guild alliances complete for control of strongholds in this end-game feature. One player from the successful alliance would be appointed as a commander and would have power to place defenses, spawn NPC's, collect and demand taxes from housing. There was always the threat of getting overthrown by other alliances.

The game included four classes: Guardian, Ranger, Oracle and Sorcerer. Dragon companion choices were important as the chosen dragon could affect the player's class in a good or bad way. Player housing was also available. Players could decorate or add to their homes with items earned in-game.