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In a distant city of Electro, years into the future, the world has transformed into a realm where technology far surpasses our generation, resulting in an overwhelming amount of Androids. Electro is split between the Empire, abound in wealth and glory, and the Underground (Under) wrought with dank and dark conditions. The only way to leave the Underground is to battle in the Coliseum, and it can be seen that nightly battles are indeed rough, with imminent destruction at every turn.

As an architect with little to no Qualia (money) in the Underground, your days were dark and dim... until you encountered a dazzling Android known as Neo. She also wants to reach the Empire, and so your journey begins!


  • Play through the in depth story and try to get to the Empire
  • Invite your friends and create a Team to work together
  • Slay powerful bosses and get wonderful rewards
  • Make an awesome and gorgeous Deck of Androids
  • Detailed Artwork varied between the three races of Androids
  • Thousands of Cards to work with and Evolve
  • Events and Quests are Updated Frequently


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