Thanks for your interest in helping out the Games Hub! Pages about video games, whether mobile, console, or desktop, are always appreciated. To that end, there are some general guidelines editors should follow to keep the site clean, lean, and efficient for users.

For reference, please see our World of Warcraft page.

Game pages

Pages are only to be created for games which already have an existing wikia community! Also, rather than having a page for each game in a franchise, only franchise pages are allowed.

To begin, insert the community template on your new page, like so: {{Community|Community's wordmark|Full url}} - if the wordmark needs a darker background, you can use {{Community Dark|Community's wordmark|Full url}} instead

This is solely for the largest, most comprehensive community on the subject. Should there exist disagreement on the matter, Wikia staff will make a final determination.


Copy+insert the code below to the new page (taken from game infobox template). Fill in the known parameters.

  • Images: image of the latest game in the franchise
  • Parameters with multiple entries can be separated by <br>
{{Infobox VG
Additional sections
These sections are not mandatory, so if there is no info for one, feel free to exclude it. Additional sections may be inserted depending on the particular game, so long as it is neat.
  • Overview - an overview of the game, in one to two paragraphs
  • Story
  • Features
  • Media
    • Images - try to keep it to a few rows, maximum
    • Videos - preferably these are game trailers of all expansions only; barring their availability, official gameplay videos are permissible
  • References
  • External links
    • These are links to other notable wikias, as well as official sites
  • Before including a new category, make sure it is not already represented in another way, such as MMORPG, rather than its full name. Refer to this category and its subcategories.
  • Categories that should be included: genre, developer, platform, payment type
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