Dragon Age: Inquisition

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Instant Expert: Dragon Age: Inquisition
The next installment of the Dragon Age series proves to be breathtaking. With an open world feature and the current abilities of next generation consoles, this proves to be the deepest Dragon Age series yet. We have a great guide here to get you started!

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

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Instant Expert: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare
The latest CoD installment is set to take place in the mid 21st century. With the introduction of some new futuristic weapons and a new campaign said to be the best yet, CoD: AW looks to continue the trend of great FPS games. Swing by the Instant Expert page for everything needed to know for it's November release.

Civilization: Beyond Earth

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Instant Expert: Beyond Earth
The franchise of Sid Meier is still going strong. Building off the success of Civilization 5, Civilization: Beyond Earth is surely going to knock your socks off. Stop by the Instant Expert page for quality information for new and veteran users alike!

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

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Instant Expert: Shadow of Mordor
For all you Lord of the Ring junkies out there, Shadow of Mordor is the game you've been waiting for! This game has received rave reviews from all the top sites, so you know it's worthwhile! Checkout our Instant Expert for all the need to know about this awesome title.


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Instant Expert: Destiny
Destiny is this years coolest console shooter. Be sure to read up on the essential pages on the instant expert portal and checkout the videos on the three different playable classes.


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Instant Expert: Wildstar
Checkout the Wildstar instant expert for everything you need to know about this amazing MMO. Besides game content, there is information from developers and the community as well!

Watch Dogs

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Instant Expert: Watch Dogs
Learn all about Ubisoft's upcoming Watch Dogs with Wikia! Become an expert with an inside look at the game's features and community conversations with the developers.

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