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Game Footers

The new game footers are brought to you by Encyclopedia Gamia and our very own FANDOM. The basic goal is simple: draw together FANDOM communities in one location that enjoy the same genres and hopefully expose them to some new games and communities they might be interested in. Our secondary goal is to try and connect editors looking for help with members and administrators from other wikis who are interested in helping them out, whether it be with content, technical knowledge, or insight gleaned from running a community.

Other Footer Programs:
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Literature Movies Music Television
How do I get my site included in the FANDOM games footer?

If you haven't already been approached, feel free to include your site in the submission section below in the genre you feel is most appropriate for the game you cover. Note that, with rare exception, a game should only be placed in one footer.

Here are some other things to consider:

  • A member or members of the site should be willing to help those that might ask for assistance in creating their own wiki. Obviously this is at member discretion; members aren't absolutely required to answer every request for help, nor should they if the query is unrealistic and/or no one has the know-how.
  • Sites should have:
    • A well-organized main page at the very least; this includes the navigation bar at the top
    • Wordmark and site background
    • About 100 pages of content. We realize the page count is unrealistic in some instances, so that will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Note: recently released or upcoming games are excluded from this requirement.
    • Be active; this means about an edit a day plus about 7000 page views for the current week. Note that this is approximate - the two are weighed together, so just because a site is lacking in one area does not mean they are automatically excluded. Note: recently released or upcoming games are excluded from this requirement.
  • Notes about the footers:
    • Backgrounds are transparent and links/text are set to match the site's settings.
    • The new footers are mobile-friendly.
    • Though intended to stretch the entire width of a main page, the footer can also fit into the left rail, if so desired.
    • When a footer reaches 50 communities, an assessment will be made about splitting the footer into one or more new footers to cut down on size.
My game's genre isn't included.

In most cases a game can fit into multiple categories, so the best should be chosen when possible that most closely matches the genre. Rogue-like games, for instance, aren't included because many games feature stealth elements. Instead, they can be found within the Action-Adventure footer.

Should the situation arise where another footer is potentially needed, one may be created, but only if 1) the genre can't be included in any other category and 2) there are enough games for the footer.

I had a footer, but it was retired. Why?

Footers that were created and maintained by FANDOM Staff were removed at the end of September 2015. If a site was approved for the new footers, it will be added in place of the old footer.

Footers created by users will not be touched at this time.

Please note: any footers having the Wiki logo, the original logo from the old gaming footers, or adapted from the old footer will be counted among footers that are removed.

If you'd still like to keep the old footer, not maintained by FANDOM Staff, keep the following in mind:

  • The lists are very dated. Many of the wikis are small and abandoned since they were listed, and some are even abandoned without having been fully built.
  • If you want to keep the list, please remove any Wiki-based logos and links to the Hub. We're attempting to officially sponsor the new footers, so we want to limit any confusion over who is responsible for upkeep ;)
  • It is entirely possible to have multiple footers if you still want both the old list and a new footer. Your community will not be excluded.
What do the notes below mean? Is my site forever rejected?

By and large, the most repeated tags below include the following:

  • Awaiting admin approval - The admin has been approached about inclusion
  • Declined - The site's admin has declined inclusion; the site will not be approached again
  • Inactive community - Meaning there have been no or only a tiny amount of edits in the current week.
  • Low page count - The site has not met the 100-page requirement
  • Overhaul - This can pertain to numerous things, and is usually delineated as such:
    • Main page revamp - The main page of the site needs work, such as better organization
    • Theme revamp - Refers to the background and colors used in the site usually; can also include main page and/or wordmark
    • Wordmark needed - The wordmark is the site picture located in the top left of each page.

Aside from sites that have declined and/or are not gaming-focused, sites can always address any issues tagged and ask for reconsideration. Help is also available for any admins needing it.

Are sites permanently in the footer once added?

In short, no. Roughly every six months all sites submitted to the footer program are re-evaluated (December/June). This includes sites:

  • That have been approved before
  • That have not been approved due to any tagged issues

This does not include sites that have declined and/or are struck through.

The reasoning is to keep sites in the footer that are only the most active. Sites that do not meet the evaluation criteria will only be removed from the footer, but the footer will not be removed from their community - the reason will be noted in the submissions list below.

  • Sites can ask for a re-evaluation if tagged issues are met
  • Sites can also wait another six months for evaluation (such as if it's simply an inactive community issue)
Submit your site!

Note: Sites with a ✓ have already been approved.


Action-Adventure Games

ARK: Survival EvolvedAssassin's CreedAstral ChainAsura's WrathBayonettaThe Binding of IsaacBloodstainedCastlevaniaControlCrackdownDarksidersDays GoneDetroit: Become HumanDevil May CryDragon's CrownDriver: Parallel LinesFran BowFroggerGauntletThe GetawayGod EaterGrand Theft AutoGravity RushHITMANHorizonInfamousJust CauseKenshiL.A. NoireLast Day on Earth: SurvivalThe Last of UsLegacy of KainLegend of ZeldaLEGO DimensionsLEGO GamesLEGO Marvel and DCLightseekersLollipop ChainsawThe Longest JourneyMadWorldMafiaMarvel's Spider-ManMediEvilMercenariesMetal GearMonster HunterNinja GaidenNo More HeroesŌkamiOnimushaPrince of PersiaQuantum BreakRed DeadRetro City RampageThe SaboteurSenran KaguraShenmueSleeping DogsSplinter CellSubnauticaSystem ShockSyvalionTomb RaiderUnchartedVanquishWatch DogsYakuza

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Approved (48)

Collectible Card

Approved (12)


Approved (16)


General Gaming

AtlusCapcomEighting/RaizingGame IdeasHumongous EntertainmentIndependent GamesJackbox GamesJapanese PC GamesJumpStartKoeiKonamiNamcoNewgroundsNintendoNitromePlayStationRareRetro ConsolesSEGASNKSteamSteam Trading CardsSquaresoftSuda51TamagotchiXbox

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Note: This footer is mainly for game companies or sites that cannot be placed into another category. Shoot 'Em Ups and Sports fall into this category.
Submissions, General
Submissions, Shoot 'Em Ups
Submissions, Sports
Approved, General (12)
Approved, Shoot 'Em Ups (5)
Approved, Sports (4)


JRPG Games

7th DragonAgarest WarAtelierBlade and SoulBlue DragonBreath of FireChronoCustom RoboDark CloudDinosaur KingDisgaeaDragon QuestDrakengardEarthBoundEtrian OdysseyExist ArchiveFairy Fencer FFate/Grand OrderFinal FantasyFreedom WarsGolden SunGranblue FantasyGrandiaHyperdimension NeptuniaKeitai Denjuu TelefangKingdom HeartsLegend of HeroesLive A LiveNierMana / Seiken DensetsuMegami TenseiMugen SoulsNights of AzureOdin SphereOmega QuintetPaper MarioParasite EvePhantasy StarPokémonRadiant HistoriaRadiata StoriesSaGaSkies of ArcadiaStar OceanSuikodenTalesTokyo XanaduValkyria ChroniclesValkyrie AnatomiaValkyrie ProfileThe World Ends With YouXenobladeXenosagaYo-Kai WatchYs

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Note: This list is compiled from the list found on Wikipedia.
Approved (30)


Approved (27)


Approved (26)


Approved (8)


Music Games

Groove CoasterGuitar HeroJust DanceLipsPaRappa The RapperPop'n MusicPretty RhythmProject DivaRhythm HeavenRhythm ThiefRock BandSpace Channel 5

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Approved (7)


Platformer Games

A Hat in TimeActRaiserAlex KiddAzure Striker GunvoltBanjo-KazooieBlaster MasterBloodstained: Ritual of the NightBonkBroforceBubble BobbleBubsyCastlevaniaCave StoryCode: HardcoreConkerContraCrash BandicootCrocCupheadde BlobDonkey KongDrawn to LifeEarthworm JimElectronic Super JoyEpic MickeyFEZFreedom PlanetGiana SistersGanbare GoemonGeometry DashGhosts 'n GoblinsGRISHugo the TrollJak and DaxterJazz JackrabbitKirbyKnackKya Dark LineageLittleBigPlanetMarioMega ManMetal SlugMetroidMighty No. 9Mirror's EdgeOddworldOwlBoyPandemonium!Ratchet & ClankRaymanRocket KnightRogue LegacyShantaeShinobiShovel KnightSonic the HedgehogSpark the Electric JesterSpyro the DragonStriderTearawayThe MessengerTokiValisVVVVVVWonder BoyYooka-Laylee

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Approved (35)


Approved (12)


Role-Playing Games (RPGs)

AdventureQuestAdventureQuest WorldsArcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick ObscuraBaldur's GateBiomutantDark SoulsDeus ExDiabloDivinityDragon AgeDragon BlazeDragon's DogmaDragon FableElder ScrollsExpeditions: VikingEver GraceFableFalloutFaster Than LightFive Nights at Freddy's WorldFor HonorThe Gamer's AllianceGlitchtaleGrand ChaseHyper Light DrifterIbLegend Hand of GodMasqueradaMass EffectMechQuestThe Memory of EldurimMight & MagicOnmyojiOversoulShadowrunSpellForceStories: The Path of DestiniesSummoners WarTales of ErinTo the MoonTom Clancy's The DivisionTormentUltimaUndertaleWarp ForceWastelandThe Witcher

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Approved (35)

Shoot'Em Up

This footer has been retired. Please submit in the General section above.


Shooter Games

Agents of MayhemBattalion 1944BattlebornBattlefieldBorderlandsBrothers in ArmsBulletstormCall of DutyCall of JuarezChex QuestCounter-StrikeCounter-Strike OnlineCritical StrikeCrossFireCrysisThe DarknessDestinyDevil's ThirdDiaboticalDoomDuke NukemEscape from TarkovFortniteGears of WarGoldenEyeHalf-LifeHaloHunt: ShowdownKillzoneMax PayneMedal of HonorModern CombatNo One Lives ForeverOverwatchPaladinsPAYDAYPixel GunPLAYERUNKNOWN's BattlegroundsPOSTALPreyQuakeRed FactionResistanceRespawnablesRules of SurvivalSAS: Zombie AssaultSerious SamShadow WarriorSpec OpsSplatoonStar CitizenStar Wars: BattlefrontTimeSplittersTitanfallTom Clancy's Ghost ReconTom Clancy's Rainbow SixTurokUnrealWarfaceWolfenstein

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Approved (48)


Simulation Games

Ace CombatArmored CoreCities: SkylinesCube LifeElite: DangerousFarmVilleGoat SimulatorGoblins of Elderstone Hay DayJalopyJurassic World EvolutionLong Live The QueenLSD: Dream EmulatorMegapolisMiitopiaMinecraft/MCBEMinecraft Story ModeMonster RancherMySimsNeko Atsume: Kitty CollectorNicheNintendogsPlanet CoasterPolice QuestPrincess MakerProfessor LaytonRollerCoaster TycoonRune FactoryShoppe KeepSimCityThe Simpsons: Tapped OutThe SimsSporeSteel BattalionStyle SavvySurviving MarsTownshipTrain Sim WorldTruck Simulator (American & Euro)Two Point HospitalVA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender ActionVirtual VillagersViva PiñataWar RobotsWorld of WarshipsWorld Neverland

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Approved (39)


This footer has been retired. Please submit in the General category above.


Strategy Games

Act of AggressionAct of WarAge of EmpiresArc the LadThe Banner SagaBattle BrothersBedlamBloonsBombermanBoom BeachCastle ClashCivilizationClash of ClansCommand & ConquerCompany of HeroesDawn of GodsDawn of WarDeceptionDEFCONDungeon KeeperEdainFire EmblemThe Flame in the FloodFront MissionFull Spectrum WarriorGrey GooHero DefenseHomeworldImperialism and Trade EmpiresInsaniquariumIron HarvestKanColleKrush Kill 'n' DestroyLegion TD 2Machine-Armor LougaMetal Slug AttackOgameOgre BattleOrcs Must Die!Plants vs. ZombiesPolitics & WarProject X ZoneRoyal Revolt 2Sakura TaisenShiningStarCraftSupreme CommanderTotal WarVictory BellesWargameWarhammer FantasyWe Happy FewWorld in ConflictWorms

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Approved (29)


Vehicular Games

BlurBurnoutChoro-QThe CrewDestruction DerbyDriverF-ZeroForza MotorsportGran TurismoMario KartMidnight ClubModNation RacersMotorStormNeed for SpeedRocket LeagueTest DriveTwisted MetalVigilante 8Wipeout

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Approved (13)

Visual Novel

Approved (9)


.io Games

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Approved (6)
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