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Artist Song Other games
69 Charger You Know You Had It Coming
22-20s The Devil in Me Driver: San Francisco
Fu Manchu Hell on Wheels
Styles Of Beyond Nine Thou (Grant Mohrman 'Superstars' Remix) Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Score International Baja 1000, WWE Day of Reckoning, WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW (2004), WWE WrestleMania 21
Hulk Bad Girl...Bad Boy
Motorbilly Red Medicine
??? Don't Give Up - Pig Mix
Wired for Mono No Straight Story
Brian Tyler ft. Slash Mustang Nismo
Trashlight Vision Allergic To You
Black Furies Murder City Shakedown
The Sights Last Chance
L.A. Slum Lords Unaffected
Art Of Dying You Dont Know Me FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage
Egypt Central Over and Under
The Subways Oh Yeah The Bigs 2
Family Force 5 Kountry Gentleman