What a fantastic Round One! We've got our sweet sixteen of the bracket already! Click Here to Vote for Round 2!

Here are the Round One winners...

  • Jakiro defeats Zaku with 89% of the votes
  • Anhur defeats Abathur with 59% of the votes
  • Doomsday defeats Anub'arak with 53% of the votes
  • Warwick defeats Hun Batz with 76% of the votes
  • Rengar defeats Zagara with 77% of the votes
  • Bristleback defeats Vermillion with 78% of the votes
  • Hercarim defeats Gokong with 83% of the votes
  • Diablo defeats Kukulkan with 52% of the votes
  • Undying defeats Vex with 73% of the votes
  • Rek'Sai defeats Nightmare Batman with 75% of the votes
  • Cho'Gath defeats Lifestealer with 62% of the votes
  • Kha'Zix defeats Starro with 80% of the votes
  • Spirit Breaker defeats Krypto with 71% of the votes
  • Kog'Maw defeats Fenrir with 52% of the votes
  • Gnar defeats Azmodan with 70% of the votes
  • Ursa defeats Sobek with 69% of the votes

Round One Polls

Round Two Will Be Posted on May 12th!

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