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  • I actually misread that, so the reason it isn't included at this time on the RPG footer isn't accurate. Just wanted to clarify for transparency's sake that the site at this time doesn't meet the minimum requirements for inclusion (found in second section of blog); however, feel free to re-submit when the site is built out more :)

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    • Hey Raylan, I just want to inquire about the new request to the gaming footer. It's called the FNaF World Wikia.

      Will they get on the RPG Footer. Please this wikia is NOT nice. A Mystery Anamatronic and I have proof:

      Sure AMA and I have said a few rocky things, but "Laughing" at our wikia went too far. This continued on the FNaF Wiki. TonicHedgefox insults my friend A Mystery Anamatronic.

      I would just like you to know this before putting another FNaF World wikia on the RPG Footer.

      Thanks! ADTMP :)

      PS. Do you know who to talk to for publishing the app?

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    • Honestly it wouldn't matter how they've acted toward anyone. Your site, as it stands now, has more content, so it will be the one listed.

      Duplicate sites are typically just included on the bottom of the game page hosted on the hub and not in the footer.

      For the gaming app, that's another department - they've got their own timeline for making them and deciding who to include.

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