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  • I live in Berkeley, California
  • I was born on August 2
  • My occupation is Community Development Manager
  • I am Male
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  • Hey there. As you may (or not) have known, the Pokémon Wiki had its 10th birthday in November. However, we assumed it was made in January 2005, but then we were told it was just the Main Page that was made then. Still, we didn't have a proper celebration.

    If I may request, we may make a FOB blog (Festival of Battles) special, which will feature a Double Battle, to be sponsored across the network.

    Energy X

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    • By the way! While you're around anyway. Do you or anyone on the Pokemon community play the Pokemon card game? There might be an opportunity or program idea around card game and tips in particular and I'm curious to know if there are any card game experts in your community.

      Thanks Energy!



      PS: Not sure if you've considered it, but we've found a lot of success promoting programs on popular article pages, in case you were thinking of others ways to promote your Festival of Battles. Good redesign too btw.

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    • Sadly, I do not know of any. Maybe I can ask some people, but I doubt I will find someone.

      As for promotion, there may be other ideas that come to my mind to expand the Wiki, so we can offer more than just content. For the redesign, thank CzechOut, he helped us in creating the site design.

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  • Hey Jorge think you could provide assistance on the BF Wiki's Favicon? We are trying to use a new one, seen here but whenever we try to update ours it fails to update. If you could help solve this that would be great! Also, that logo is a BF3 stylization. If a BF4 version could be created, that would be great! 

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