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|Suni Clay
|Suni Clay
|In A Hood Near You
|In A Hood Near You
|[[Pimp My Ride]]
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Artist Song Other games
T.I. Presents The P$C Do Ya Thang
Rock I Am Rock NFL Street 2, Need for Speed (2015), EA Sports UFC 2
Suni Clay In A Hood Near You Pimp My Ride
Perceptionists Let's Move NBA Live 06
Juvenile Sets Go Up
Hush Fired Up
DJ Spooky and Dave Lombardo ft. Chuck D B-Side Wins Again SSX On Tour
Celldweller ft. Styles Of Beyond Shapeshifter Score International Baja 1000, original in MX vs ATV: Untamed
Lupe Fiasco Tilted NBA Live 06
Ils Feed The Addiction
Celldweller One Good Reason XGRA Extreme-G Racing Association
Hyper We Control Pure
Static-X Skinnyman
Diesel Boy + Kaos Barrier Break Saints Row
Disturbed Decadance
The Prodigy You'll Be Under My Wheels
The Roots & BT Tao Of The Machine (Scott Humprhey's Remix)
Stratus You Must Follow (Evol Intent VIP) original in Saints Row, Gran Turismo 4, Street Racing Syndicate
Mastodon Blood and Thunder Saints Row, Project Gotham Racing 3
Evol Intent, Mayhem Think Tank Broken Sword
Bullet For My Valentine Hand Of Blood Burnout Revenge
Paul Linford & Chris Vrenna The Mann
Avenged Sevenfold Blinded In Chains Arena Football 06
Jamiroquai Feels Just Like It Should (Timo Maas Remix) original in FIFA 06 and Dance Dance Revolution Universe
Styles Of Beyond Nine Thou (Superstars Remix) Score International Baja 1000, WWE Day of Reckoning, WWE SmackDown vs Raw, WWE WrestleMania 21
Paul Linford & Chris Vrenna Most Wanted Mash Up


Artist Song Other games
Black Lab This Blood
The Crystal Method Weapons of Mad Distortion Forza Motorsport 2
White Zombie More Human Than Human Twisted Metal (2012), The Bigs, Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam, Dirty Drivin' Jingle Bells Remix in Twisted Metal 3
White Zombie Supercharger Heaven