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|Pimp My Ride Theme
|Pimp My Ride Theme
|[[L.A. Rush]] (heard in West Coast Customs)

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Artist Song Other games
FE JELLY ROLL Black & Brown composed for game
FE JELLY ROLL The Whole World composed for game
FE JELLY ROLL Invade My Space composed for game
FE JELLY ROLL Say It To My Face composed for game
Japhia Life Bounce
Zion-I Dance of The Warrior
La Ahymes Move Da Crowd
La Ahymes That's My Jam
Lordikim Don't Sleep Project Gotham Racing 3
Numbs The Art
Suni Clay In A Hood Near You Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005)
Styles of Beyond Aubber Gloves
DNA-1 If You're Slidin
Zion-I Throwin' Salt
Lexicon It Don't Matter
The Scavenjas Ur Girl
Pimp My Ride Theme L.A. Rush (heard in West Coast Customs)