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Set in the medieval fantasy world of Gielinor, RuneScape is a free browser MMO game where millions of players from around the globe become heroes with the freedom to explore and experience a realm full of magic, mystery and adventure.


  • Become a legend as you explore a world of gods and dragons! Choose the path to greatness that suits you: undertake quests, master a variety of skills, or battle across an immersive fantasy MMO game world. Glory, loot and hordes of enemies await!
  • Lose yourself in the adventure with over 180+ campaign-length quests, each delivering an unparalleled depth of storytelling. Battle vampires, dragons and pirates – even slay the gods that claim dominion over mortals.
  • Team up with fellow adventurers and raid randomised dungeons! Survive swarms of beasts, defeat hulking bosses and emerge victorious – with loot!
  • Be capable of anything and everything. Raise any or all of more than 26 unique skills, with new unlocks at virtually every level. Become a farmer, blacksmith, hunter or summoner - or choose to become all at once!
  • Travel the world with dragons, baby trolls and golden chinchompas. Feed, raise and personalise your companions!
  • Design, construct and customise your own home. Build workshops, gardens and dungeons before inviting friends over to party.
  • Become master of your own port! Build ships, recruit crews and chart the unexplored reaches of the Eastern Lands.
  • Team up with friends to claim ownership of a castle in the sky and unlock a clan avatar to fight with you in battle!
  • Take part in a spot of player-killing (PKing) within the Wilderness and Duel Arena. There's more than enough fighting to satisfy an adventurer's bloodlust!
  • Stuck for something to do or looking for a distraction? Play cooperatively or competitively in a broad range of fun adventure games. Complete daily challenges for lucrative rewards.
  • Take part in history, as gods battle for control of the world. Choose a side, affect future in-game storyline and change the geography of Gielinor forever.



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