• Hey there! I was checking out the Final Fantasy page on gameshub here, which was based on the one we have on the FFWiki, and it highlighted several areas I'd like to improve, so I do want to rewrite the FFWiki's article, and bits of that will need rewriting here. This means I may end up massively changing the article here, just a heads-up! A similar thing may be coming for the Jak and Daxter series page, I may want to change/improve that one, though I realise Jak and Daxter doesn't yet have an article on gameshub.

    The other thing was the links to FFXIclopedia and FFXIV ARR Wikis. Regarding those, I just wanted to say that the FFWiki's policy and amount of coverage has changed a lot, and the wiki now covers (or at least, aims to cover?) those two MMOs in full, and ideally, we shouldn't need extra wikis for them (I think I brought this up with some of Wikia Staff members at Community Connect in SF). So, I'm not sure if the wiki links should be removed, or if there should be anyone I should talk to about merging the wikis, but ideally, we'd want to fully include information about the MMOs on the FFWiki, and have taken strides towards achieving this. Just figured I'd let you know.


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    • Feel free to update the content of the Final Fantasy article ;)

      As for the links, we'll leave them in for now. The links section is meant to highlight any other large communities we have on a subject - though the largest community gets top billing at the start of the page.

      If a merge ever did happen, though, we'd obviously remove those links.

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    • I'm not sure who to speak to about merging the wikis. The FFXIV ARR wiki doesn't appear to have an active community (probably because non-Wikia FFXIV wikis and the FFWiki draw all the traffic :P), while the FFXI wiki seems to have a small one, and no recent editor appears to be an admin.

      Anyway, I should have the content of the article for Final Fantasy - and the one for the Jak and Daxter series too, while I'm at it - updated by the end of this/next week.

      Oh, one minor thing: it's not my area on Wikia, but for the MOBA footer, I noticed it said "Defense of the Ancients". The current game is just called "Dota 2", and "Dota" is no longer a "Defense of the Ancients" acronym, so changing that to "Dota 2" would be best. I'd change it myself, but the page is protected. Also, FFWiki hasn't been added to RPG footer yet, but I assume you're getting around to that and the Yuna image at some point? :p

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    • DOTA - Noted ;) I'm rolling out the footers as we speak, so FF will be added by the end of the day and popped onto the main page. Updating the image will come after all said and done.

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    • I'm super late, but Final Fantasy series page updated on FFWiki!

      Do you have any specific guidelines/outlines for converting articles from their main wiki to the gameshub article here?

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    • We've got a help page that covers article creation. Honestly most of what's done is a straight copy+paste, but then the length is pared down to the bare necessities for the sake of brevity.

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    • Hm. I think I'm going to struggle to copypaste most of the references, because they all use templates only found on FFWiki, unless I subst them over there and then copy them here or something?

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    • Templates used here should only be for Hub pages and not tied to just one site, otherwise things can become bloated fairly quickly. What I do in ref-heavy pages is remove all of the reference numbers - then, at the very end of whatever I've copied, I just use one reference to link back to the page it was copied from.

      I mean, these are designed as brief overviews, so there shouldn't be too many theoretically ;) You can see what I did on the current Final Fantasy page if you look at the references section.

      Too much more shouldn't be added anyway, unless there are game updates. Encyclopedia Gamia is where individual pages for each game would live, and those can be much more in-depth, of course.

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    • Alright, I've rewritten the page. I used brief bits (the first paragraph from each section, removed the Decelopment and Reception sections) of the page in the rewrite, hopefully that means I kept in enough context for the page to be any good...

      I don't know how Encyclopedia Gamia works, but I can create a Final Fantasy series page there as well?

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    • It all looks good to me :)

      As for EncyGamia, I'll refer you to TwoTailedFox, since he heads things up there. He's taken over the site within the past few months, but there's plenty of cleaning up to do. He's the point person for over there - of course, you can always come back and poke me if things end up not being clear enough ;)

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    • A FANDOM user
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