• The page Raylan13/Introducing_New_Gaming_Footers introduces the "New Gaming Footers". This topic could use some discussion. However, there is neither a "Talk" button nor a "Comments" button. I assume that this is because that page is in the user namespace. To facilitate community discussion, the page could be moved to a different namespace, where it automatically gets a "discussion" button. Even though it looks like regular users could rename the page, this looks like "your" page. What do you think?

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    • Any discussion that's taken place has been on user pages/walls, which seems to be working pretty well thus far, especially since the conversations are typically site-specific¬†;)

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    • If conversations are site-specific (no surprise there), what has that got to do with my suggestion?

      To you, discussion may seem to work well, because you are currently the focal point of the discussion. But the page should be the focal point. Do you see the difference?

      To me, discussing this page via walls does not appear to work well. Currently, any discussion regarding the page is not directly associated with it. This makes any discussion hard to find. This makes it hard for potential or actual contributors to understand the state of discussion, even to know whether there is discussion, and to take part in any discussion - where do they go look for such discussion? For example, our dialogue here is relevant to the page. If the dialogue was in a comment or on a talk page, to see it, people would need at most one click and some scrolling. Here, people need to at least click to your user page, then to your wall, and then scan the posts, possibly with more clicks and scrolling. I did exactly that, to see whether any discussion is already underway. That takes time away from everyone who wants to discuss that page.

      Also, the difficulty in taking part in a discussion makes it hard for you to see how much interest there is in such a discussion.

      A talk page would make the page itself the focal point of discussion about it. And it would keep the discussion about the page associated with the page, even if the page is later renamed.

      Even if a page has only one principal contributor, that does not mean that it should be part of that user's namespace. Only pages whose content is specific to a user, or not intended to be "shared", should be part of that user's name space. Examples are if it voices the user's plans or opinions or is a work in progress where the user does not want others to contribute. Being the pricipal contributor to a page does not make the page content specific to you, though. If a page is intended for use by a general wiki community, and this looks to be one of those, it should not be in a user name space.

      That page should be moved out of your name space. You want it to thrive? Give it to the community. It is the wiki way.

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