• I'd wish to have Skylines Wikia, formally and specifically called Cities:Skylines Wikia, as part of the Simulations branch.

    Most of the important items have been completed or in near completion. This applies to theme design (still proud to this day *tears*), templates, project pages, and more. The only real issue that I, the only contributor, am experiencing is pushing more content out with the little amount of content left in the game that I can create (besides small, independent building pages). I intend to push more content out as the weeks go by (even if it is small), although it will take longer than it should when the only contributor has too much on his plate right now lol.

    Anyways, despite the half amount of content pages that is recommended for the gaming footers, I feel Skylines Wikia would be a great addition to the Simulations branch with it being one of the most popular Steam games of 2015. I think the small publicity can help increase activity if people knew the wiki existed (there's an official wiki out there, so it's much harder to get more people).

    I felt I needed to discuss my little issue with you in order to understand my plea to have this wiki added lol.


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    • Seems perfectly reasonable to meĀ ;) I'll have it added to the footer and up on your main page momentarily!

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