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    Hello Raylan,

    My name is Rapmilo and I am the administrator of LEGO Marvel and DC Super Heroes Wiki which currently has 926 content articles as of now.

    I would like to, if possible, apply under the Action/Adventure footer.

    However, I want to make it clear that the LMDCSH wiki isn't entirely about video-games. The wiki also covers some other media released by LEGO including movies and other content. There are also a few pages that cover LEGO sets or toys. That being said the vast majority of the pages are filled with video game related content as that is what makes up most of the wiki.

    Because of this I am not sure if the LMDCSH wiki is qualified to apply for the footer. If so please let me know. Also keep in mind that around 75-80% of the wiki is videogame based.

    Thanks in advance.

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