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    I would like to know if these are still being updated, since I just recently learned about them and have added two wikias where I'm currently an admin (Metal Slug on platformers and SaGa on RPGs).

    I would also like to know how many wikias are needed to warrant a new footer. There is currently no footer for shoot'em ups, and I'd like to have one for this genre.

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    • Yes, these are continually being updated! At least once a week, sometimes more depending on how many are submitted. Both of yours meet the criteria, so I'll be including them shortly ;)

      As for a shoot'em up category, that would probably fit either in shooters or action/adventure, depending on the game.

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    • Thanks for the quick reply.

      I still feel shoot'em ups should have their own footer. Shoot'em ups are straight arcade action games, so they wouldn't really fit into action/adventure, and "shooter" is a term more associated with FPSes and TPSes, though I see Star Fox, a rail shooter (and thus more akin to a shoot'em up), listed there.

      I currently edit on Gradius Wiki (where I'm an admin) and Darius Wiki, and I could contact the admins on other wikis if needed.

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    • Ah, I gotcha. From what I understand these sorts are a subgenre of shooters. While they could fit into action, it doesn't seem unreasonable to give them their own footer.

      I generally like to have at least four-five sites in order to make a footer, so if we get that many, I'll go ahead ;) I'll make the category on the page so you can pop any in there you think of.

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    • Ok, I added a few which I believe meet the minimum criteria.

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    • Thanks :) I'll take some time this week to look over them and then design the footer, should all go as planned with the submissions.

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    • Thanks dude!

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    • A FANDOM user
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