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  • Awyman13

    Do you have a dream to pursue a career in the video game industry? Veterans of the industry gave many tips and tricks for getting started at Wizard World Comic Con 2015 and I was lucky enough to be sent down there by Wikia to share their advice with you. Before I start, though, here are the industry veterans who you’ll be getting the advice from:

    • Eric Kierson Davis – For more than 10 years, he has worked as a producer, director, and developer for many companies such as Blizzard Entertainment, Radioactive Labs, Sleepwalker Studios, etc. He has worked on many video games, films, books, with some of his most recent work being Diablo III, World of War Craft expansions Mists of Pandaria, Cataclysm, and Warlords of Draenor, Heroes of the Storm, T…
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