Remember this is only a story if you are afraid of horror don't read

The bite of 1987 is the time of when a person got bitten. Foxy the pirate fox was doing his every day intro bjust when a little girl walked in to play and play with foxy. Unfortunaly she didn't listen to what foxy said foxy did nice words and then a terriying whisper "NOw don't b-be wander'n ar-around the poop deck or ye will be *lost forever* walk'n the plank". The little girl wen t on stage and the security gaurd told her to not touch foxy. She didn't listen as foxy contiued he did a quiet whisper that no one can here *IM IN CONTROL* and made a feirce bite to the head. JUSt when the mother came rushing in finding her daughter lying on the ground in a pool of blood.

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