Is there any best anti-GoWipe and anti-LavaLoonion base for town hall 9?


  1. GoWipe
  2. GoWiWi
  3. GiWiPe
  4. GiWiWi
  5. Mass Hogs
  6. Giant Healer


  1. Baloonion
  2. Lavaloonion
  3. Dragoon
  4. Mass Dragon

Defending the GoWiPe/GoWiWi/GiWiPe

Lets say that the attacker is using a GoWiPe. He sends in the golems, wall breakers break the walls by the 'X' and they begin to enter the base. Once all of the wizards have cleared the area the pekkas begin their rampage. Except for one thing-- they just go around in a circle. Same with the Golems. The Golems will be so easily distracted by all of the defenses in the channel. They will just make their way around the base rather than going into the middle compartment, which is key

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