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Microsoft recently launched a new Tumblr account tied into the story of the upcoming new Halo game, Halo 5 Guardians. The Site details the investigation and reporting of one Benjamin Giraud, a war reporter who has been hired by ONI to document the story of Master Chief.

Details are still vague, but Halo 5’s story seems to center around the idea of the AWOL Master Chief being a traitor of some sort, possibly pursued by the Office of Naval Intelligence and Jameson Locke.

Master Chief

Of course Halo Nation has been documenting the campaign, but there’s still plenty of room for speculation and theories. Check out Halo Nation for more info about the Halo universe, and check out the official Hunt the Truth Tumblr here.

Hunt The Truth is scheduled to be updated with new entries until this year’s E3, so we’ll hopefully see an even bigger announcement there.

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