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There's few moments in gaming as rewarding as taking down a difficult boss. Getting beat down time after time may stoke the fires of controller-smashing rage, but it all pays off in the end when you finally take them out, fistpumping around your living room and flipping tables (maybe that's just me).

We've assembled a lineup of the 32 hardest, most challenging, and most irritating bosses ever to duke it out and see which baddie will emerge as the Hardest Boss!

There will be rounds of voting until just one boss is left standing, so get in there and Vote! Share this contest on social media to help get more votes and see your favorite bad guy make it to the end!

We have a winner! Mike Tyson is your Hardest Boss! Thanks to everyone who voted!

FlamelurkerC'thunElizabethFreyaShao KahnAkumaAstarothJaquioBaalThe DestroyerKing YamaAbyssal GodSenator ArmstrongMike TysonAlmaQueen LarsaEnder DragonSatanRebel FlagshipNakoruruAbsolute VirtuePandemonium WardenRuby WeaponDracula (Dracula X)TabuuSephirothYellow DevilThe FatherYiazmatSmough & OrnsteinSolgrynBeliasHardestBossesBracketFinal.png

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