Blizzard Entertainment and Legendary Pictures have spent a lot of time filming and bringing to life the WoW universe with the upcoming Warcraft movie. They've released precious little information at this point, only announcing who a single actor (Ben Foster) will be playing (Medivh), and that the release date won't be until March of 2016.

Yet at today's movie panel - hosted by Chris Hardwick! - they finally let us see a glimpse of the world they had created and are continually working on. While there weren't any trailers or stills (we'll catch those later!) they did show us some awesome armor and props. And let us in on the cast.

If you've been following our continual updates on WoWWiki, you know that basic premise of the movie takes viewers back to the beginnings of Warcraft. The main plot is centered around Lothar and Durotan and their perspectives as the war between orcs and humans unfolds.

Without further ado, here's the newly-released information on the cast:

  • Anduin Lothar: Travis Fimmel
  • Medivh: Ben Foster
  • King Llane: Dominic Cooper
  • Khadgar: Ben Schnetzer
  • Garona: Paula Patton
  • Durotan: Toby Kebbell
  • Orgrim: Rob Kazinsky (who treated us to an on-stage appearance, complete with orc walk!)
  • Gul'dan: Daniel Wu
  • Blackhand: Clancy Brown

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