This ongoing monthly series highlights some of the activities within and around our massive set of fan-driven and -nurtured gaming communities. While not an exhaustive review by any stretch, we'll be showcasing some of the wikias that have appeared in the news, anniversaries, rankings, and the rollout of some of our individual site apps.

In the News

The following sites were mentioned in the news 'round the web-o-sphere, either in passing, or as source material:

  • Wookieepedia: Tech Times Star Wars Day 2015: Wikia's Senior Community Manager On Wookieepedia, New 'Star Wars' Canon And More

10-year Anniversaries

These are dedicated communities that have managed to build extraordinary sites with code savvy, bailing wire, and sometimes a bit of duct tape. Join with us in congratulating them on their decade milestone!

CounterStrikeWordmark Zeldawm 360 StarCraftWordmark
Counter-Strike Wiki
June 15, 2005
June 15, 2005
StarCraft Wiki
June 15, 2005
HaloNationWordmark BombermanWordmark
Halo Nation
June 15, 2005
Bomberman Wiki
June 27, 2005

5-year Anniversaries

These are determined communities that have managed to raise their sites from little fledglings. Join with us in congratulating them on their quinquennial milestone!

PoxNoraWordmark BlacklightWordmark
PoxNora Wiki
June 11, 2010
Blacklight Wiki
June 22, 2010
Just Dance Wiki
June 23, 2010

New Community Apps

Wikia recently released dedicated mobile apps for some of our top communities, including those below. See the full list!

BloodborneAppIcon MightandMagicAppIcon MortalKombatAppIcon SaintsRowAppIcon TheSimsAppIcon
Might and Magic
Mortal Kombat
Saints Row
The Sims
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