This ongoing monthly series highlights some of the activities within and around our massive set of fan-driven and -nurtured gaming communities. While not an exhaustive review by any stretch, we'll be showcasing some of the wikias that have appeared in the news, anniversaries, rankings, and the rollout of some of our individual site apps.

In the News

The following sites were mentioned in the news 'round the web-o-sphere, either in passing, or as source material:

  • Halo Nation: MNR Daily Halo update - 'Halo: The Master Chief Collection' to bring back 'infected' multiplayer?
  • Mass Effect Wiki: Bustle What Does "Omega Station" Mean For 'True Detective'? It's The End Of The Line For Season 2
  • Tekken Wiki: The Christian Post Tekken 7 Character Reviews and Analysis: What’s the Controversy Surrounding Lucky Chloe – Bandai Namco’s Latest Character in Tekken 7?
  • Wikia: PRNewswire Wikia and the Electronic Sports League Team-up to Take on gamescom 2015

10-year Anniversaries

These are dedicated communities that have managed to build extraordinary sites with code savvy, bailing wire, and sometimes a bit of duct tape. Join with us in congratulating them on their decade milestone!

AgeofEmpiresWordmark.png SonicWordmark.png MUGENWordmark.png
Age of Empires
September 8, 2005
Sonic News Network
September 11, 2005
M.U.G.E.N. Database
September 11, 2005

5-year Anniversaries

These are determined communities that have managed to raise their sites from little fledglings. Join with us in congratulating them on their quinquennial milestone!

FirefallWordmark.png DawnoftheDragonsWordmark.png SyndicateWordmark.png
Firefall Wiki
September 6, 2010
Dawn of the Dragons Wiki
September 6, 2010
Syndicate Wiki
September 11, 2010
PocketFrogsWordmark.png WarlordsWordmark.png HawkenWordmark.png
Pocket Frogs Wiki
September 15, 2010
Warlords Battlecry Wiki
September 15, 2010
Hawken Wiki
September 29, 2010

WAM Top 10 Newcomers

The WAM Newcomers honors wikias that have broken into the top 10 list Wikia-wide on our WAM Gaming Vertical Leaderboard:

Marvel: Avengers Alliance Wiki

New Community Apps

Wikia recently released dedicated mobile apps for some of our top communities, including those below. See the full list!

World of Warcraft
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