Sonic The Sprinter. Back in the old days of Sonic Series Sonic The Sprinters Original nam'e was Transformer then told his true name Sonic The Sprinter one day he tried making a clone -Sprinter X- yet it backfired on him & huge battle started. He set up a clone to 'help 'out sonic & everything but by the time he got back he seen the clone gone evil & 'hated sonics ways 4ever. sprinter tied telling the team what happened but it didn't turn out so good. Every1 hated him was rude to him so he backed in2 the darkness more & more sprinters started 2 rise then in Omega Cross huge war between the heros & sprinters until one day mystery the sprinter stepped up & saved the war from every1. Taking down the leader final Count with young link down Mystery is now the leader of the sprinters & has them under control. Then the jets arrived enemys of the sprinters huge war between the 2 in the forest jets almost won but mystery took them down but now the jets & sprinters truced. But one RP Sprinter will rise up & kill mystery 2 become leader again of the sprinters. 

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