TheBlueRogue TheBlueRogue 3 November 2015

Video Games 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Halloween has come and gone and the holiday season is just around the corner. There was quite a plethora of amazing games to come out this year, and there's plenty of great gift ideas to take advantage of.

To help out gift-givers out there, Wikia is creating a Year in Fandom Holiday Game Guide for gamers everywhere. This guide will be a curated list of community recommended gift suggestions! It will surely help any users out there find the perfect gift for anyone on their list!

Submissions should include one 'realistic' gift and one 'over-the-top' gift. For example, for the Bungie's Destiny, a realistic gift to a player could be a 4 Pack of Plushie Item Engrams and an over-the-top pick could be your own functional set of Titan Armor! Don't be …

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TheBlueRogue TheBlueRogue 25 August 2015

PAX Prime eSports Community Question Submissions

Hello Wikia Games Wiki Contributors!

If you’ve touched a controller/keyboard in the last 5 years, you’ve got an idea of what eSports is. People playing competitively for big bucks, occasionally in matching track suits. But there’s a lot more to it than that, don’t know the difference between ESL and FGC? Cloud9 and Day[9]? Fret not! Wikia and their panel of pros are here to answer your questions.

Wikia is hosting a panel at this year’s PAX Prime, entitled What the Heck is eSports with the help of industry pros such as:

Matt Dahlgren (Capcom), Trevor Housten (Blizzard), Craig Levine (ESL), Alex Mendez aka GoldenboyFTW (Twitch), Jorge Albor (Wikia), and Andrew Zucosky aka LiQuiD112 (Shacknews).

They’ll be explaining the world of eSports and answ…

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TheBlueRogue TheBlueRogue 17 July 2015

EVO Championship Series 2015 - Livestreams

The Evolution Championship Series (EVO) is set to be held in Las Vegas from July 17th through July 19th. This event represents the largest and longest-running fighting game tournaments in the world. Evo brings together the best of the best from around the world in a dazzling exhibition of skill and fun.

The weekend will be filled with a variety of competitive events around these fighting games. Tune in to the list of livestreams to watch matches as they culminate into heated Finals matches on Sunday. Jump down to the comments section below with your predictions on matches and to chat about the craziest moments from the tournament as they happen!

  • 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM - Ultra Street Fighter IV Pools
  • 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM - Ultra Street Fighter IV S…

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TheBlueRogue TheBlueRogue 9 October 2014

Ultimate JRPG Battle

This Ultimate JRPG Battle is being brought to you by Mistwalker Corporation's new strategic role-playing game, Terra Battle. Learn all the details about the new title and download it now FREE on iOS or Android
There's no greater adventure in videogaming than embarking on a long quest in a role-playing game. Japanese role-playing games have enchanted the gaming masses for decades with their vibrant characters, unforgettable storylines, and exciting battle systems. The time has finally come to separate the best from the best. We've compiled the most memorable games of the genre together to face off for the ultimate showdown. You get to decide what game deserves the top honors in 15 categories.

The voting period has ended and the winners have b…

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TheBlueRogue TheBlueRogue 29 August 2014

Nintendo Announces New 3DS Model

In Nintendo's latest Nintendo Direct, the Japanese company unveiled a new 3DS handheld model. This newer model is far from a simple cosmetic upgrade; it will reportedly have a faster processor and exclusive games which the current 3DS won’t be able to play.

These new models, a normal sized and a larger LL model, will feature a c-stick, which is the tiny grey pad above the action buttons on the right allow for complex camera controls for existing games like Monster Hunter. Also added are new ZL and ZR triggers on the back for extra controls. It has been reported that Wii-exclusive RPG Xenoblade Chronicles will be rereleased for only the new 3DS due to this enhanced speed.

This newer model will also include a built-in NFC on the bottom touchscreen…

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