Thomas is a tank engine and he's sometimes very cheeky. Thomas is mostly working on his Branch-line pulling his faithful coaches, Annie and Clarabel


Percy is a small green tank engine and also Thomas's best friend. Percy likes to take both passengers and trucks. But his favorite job is to pull the mail


Henry is a big green tender engine that doesn't care if he pulls passengers or trucks. Henry does have a habit of becoming dumb and ruining everything! But Henry is still really useful


James is a bright red tender engine. He is mostly friends with Thomas and Percy. James usually likes to boast about his paint work and wants all of the people to see it. He'd also rather passengers than trucks, even though he's a mix-traffic engine.


Emily is a dark green tender engine that thinks that she is the best (like Gordon). But she is really useful doing anything and she also thinks that James is cute.


Gordon is a big proud blue engine that thinks he's the best. Gordon enjoys pulling the express and has a secret that he keeps between Henry and himself that should never be revealed


Toby is a steam-tram that's made out of wood. Toby is proud of being the only wooden steam-tram on the island. He's friends with everyone and mainly enjoys shunting


Edward is a light blue tender engine that enjoys shunting in the yard and hauling freight and passengers. He has been on Sodor the longest and is mostly proud of that.

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