Gordon had a major accident so he's sent to the mainland to be repaired. Meanwhile another engine is sent to Sodor to take Gordon's place, but his action leaves James and Percy to plan ahead for him.


Thomas tells his friends about the time he got bullied by a diesel when he was on his other island, so James and Gordon help him conquer his fear of bullies






Emily is a new-comer to Sodor. So James is left to look after her, but Emily hardly listens and gets herself into trouble.


Ryan is sent to Sodor and Thomas and Percy become his friends and show him around the island




Thomas is chosen to collect some ingredients for Sir Topham Hatt to bake some pastries for a special dinner


Stanley is needed for the summer because of so many passengers. when he's out he has an accident with a mainland engine and later saves him from great danger



Gordon returns and Luke gets a special visitor that wants him to be a narrow gauge engine. So Luke is on his way to the little railway, but Gordon doesn't think he's repaired properly


Luke arrives on the little railway. But he thinks it'll be hard to fit in with the others when it really isn't




Mike comes to Sodor to be in charge of dealing with the ballast. But can he do the job


It's finally Luke's first day on the job. But he's so use to being standard, he doesn't know how to do it on the narrow



The engines gather at the sheds to talk about what happened this year, and what they should look forward to next year


Sir Topham Hatt brings some engines together so he can make a video of his own


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Percy has a fear of fires and tries to face them before the sheds have a fire drill


Colin has been on the standard railway for a long time and a visitor comes to buy him for his railway



Thomas, Percy, James, and Henry try to show viewers about ELA


It's April Fools Day, James's favorite day of the year and he goes way too far with his tricks



Neville is sent to Sodor and has a lot to learn. So Thomas and Percy do the best they can to help


Percy and Henry are bored, so Thomas and James introduce them to Duck. They run off with him and become friends. After that Percy and Henry want Duck to be in their group because he's green like them. But they start doing mean things to other engines so Duck tries to stay out of it by pretending he has so much work to do



Donald and Douglas are sent to Sodor and request not to do work for their first day. So Percy and James have to do it as well as their own. While they were working Donald and Douglas start to cause trouble that makes James get into an accident


After James's accident he thinks that Donald and Douglas did it on purpose. So after he gets back on the rails he starts to think of payback


Thomas and his friends celebrate the last video of the year


Sir Topham Hatt orders a brand new Tidmouth Sheds and lays down more track for the engines



(This is a short) Diesel beats up Donald and Douglas and attempts to push some trucks into a sticky sandy barge


Freddie an old narrow gauge engine is sent to Mr. Percival's little railway. But when he tries to help out it makes him very late

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Donald is jealous that Douglas is famous for saving Oliver and he isn't. So when he has to take scrap to the smelters yard he finds an old engine and tries to help him


(Original Version) Gordon is falling apart and Edward has a fever, so Thomas, Percy, James, and Henry try to help out



Bill and Ben have been playing trick a lot one year and they still think that they deserve to get Christmas presents


Bill and Ben wake up with no Christmas presents so they search the island for them. When they decide to give up Thomas and Percy offer to help



Bill and Ben get another chance by apologizing to every engine they played a trick on. After that they get back on the nice list and get a present that they each wanted


Thomas and his friends talk about what will happen in the future of 2016

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