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WildStar Online was developed by Carbine Studios and published by NCSOFT. It made it's initial debut at Gamescom 2011. It is an IP that mixes both sci-fi and fantasy elements into an imaginative universe with a very distinct visual style. The game will to appeal to a broad spectrum of gamers by providing content tailored to individual play-styles as they adventure across Nexus.

Players were originally required to pay a subscription but as of September 29th 2015, the game became free to play. Players can still pay a monthly fee, now referred to as "Signature". This membership type provides players with specific bonus benefits. Similar benefits can also be acquired in-game by trading the in-game currency (gold) for a token called C.R.E.D.D..

The tokens are purchased by players with real money from the NCSoft website whoa are in need of in-game funds and sold via the trading house/NPC to players wanting 30 days of "Signature" service. Box copies of the game include 30 days of service but are a rarity as they are no longer being produced.


Blast off for an epic adventure of galactic proportions! Choose a side and fight for control of Nexus, while uncovering the secrets of the hyper-advanced Eldan that disappeared from the planet long ago. Meet The Entity and Drusera and find out how they came to exist. Join with fellow players to battle back The Strain. Who knows what tomorrow will bring!


  • Choose a side and fight for Nexus.
  • Choose form six spine-shattering classes, each with unique abilities and combat mechanics.
  • Choose from four unique paths, each with custom content designed for your personal playstyle.
  • Housing: stake your claim and choose your domicile.
  • Unique manual combat system.
  • Explore, study, and conquer the most legendary planet in the universe, including quests, raids, and dungeons.
  • PvP options including open-world, duels, arenas, battlegrounds, and warplots.
  • Supports English, French and German languages.


  • Space Chase  - Explore Expeditions and trade Eko Particles for valuable items. 
  • Hoverboard ZPrix Invitational - Race your friends and earn cool rewards. 
  • Shade's Eve - Find out what Jack has in store during this spooky fall event. 
  • Protostar's Winterfest - Shop till you drop, or get killed, or worse! Defeat foes in the Supermall-in-the-Sky to earn cool gifts. Buy your WildStar friends something special in the in-game store. 


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